Routine Visits


Your child will receive a thorough exam by Dr. Trista.  We listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and give you guidance on how we can work together with your family at home


Dr. Trista will remove buildup, stains, and polish your child's teeth so they can smile with confidence!


Dr. Trista will apply a varnish to your child's teeth to help strengthen the enamel.  This may leave a clear film on your child's teeth and that may last for a few hours.   We will recommend that you do not brush during the active period of the fluoride.

Digital Radiographs:

Pictures will be taken on an individual basis, as needed.  Our digital radiographs are safer than traditional films.  We follow guidelines set forth by the AAPD for prescribing radiographs.

Oral Hygiene Instructions:

We will demonstrate to your child the proper way to brush and floss for a lifetime of healthy smiles.  We will also offer helpful techniques to motivate your child with their home care



BPA-free Sealants:

To help prevent cavities from forming, these are recommended on molars at risk.

Fluoride Prescription Toothpaste:

Dr. Trista may recommend a special toothpaste to use at home for children who are at a higher risk from developing cavities.

Space Maintainers:

When a baby tooth falls out early, teeth can shift to close the space.  We can fabricate "retainers" to help hold teeth in place so they do not shift.  This will help preserve as much space as possible for the new tooth underneath.

Habit appliance:

Dr. Trista will counsel parents and offer suggestions on how to stop habits (pacifier, thumb, finger habit) at home.  When these techniques do not work, special appliances are customized to help stop the habit and prevent unfavorable jaw growth.


Restorative Treatment


When a cavity is too large for a simple filling a stainless steel crown may be needed to cover the entire surface.

White Fillings:

Our-tooth colored fillings are mercury-free.


When a cavity has reached the center of the tooth, the  infected pulp is removed and a special healing medicine is placed.


Emergency care

  • Trauma
  • Toothache
  • Facial Swelling

After-Hours Calls

Dr. Trista can be reached after-hours by calling our office phone,  An emergency number will be given.

Emergency Pediatric Dental Resources:[6].pdf


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